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Purpose and aims

The purpose of FEL Canada

     FEL Canada exists to safeguard intangible cultural heritage for future generations by enabling the              documentation, protection, revitalization and promotion of First Nation, Inuit and Métis languages in          Canada, and endangered languages throughout the world.







  • to reclaim and strengthen use of Aboriginal - First Nation, Inuit and Métis - languages and endangered languages in all contexts: at home, in education, in the media, and in social, cultural and economic life


  • to raise awareness, both inside and outside the communities where Aboriginal and endangered languages are spoken, of the diversity of these languages, their value to community and individual well-being, health and educational outcomes, and their value to shared human heritage; and to raise awareness about challenges to their survival


  • to develop new sources of funding and collaboration, and to allocate resources - financial assistance, training, consultation, information and facilities - for use in the documentation, preservation and revitalization of Aboriginal and endangered languages


  • to promote the availability and use of Aboriginal languages in education at all levels in Canada, both within formal school systems and in the context of community initiatives; to enhance educational quality and outcomes; and to enable collaboration and the sharing of educational expertise among language communities


  • to promote the recognition of Aboriginal languages as national and co-official languages of Canada, and to work out practical and financially responsible ways in which this recognition can be implemented

The key aims of FEL Canada are

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